BYU Management Society - Orange County Chapter

Achieving BREAKTHROUGHS in Your Business and Your Life

May 22, 2019


Most of us are continually striving to achieve higher levels of excellence. What happens when you need a dramatic transformation in your business or in your life? Working Harder isn’t the answer! Working smarter? – An old cliché that doesn’t really help. But how do you get alignment? How do you move people set in their ways? How do you get from “talking about it” to making it happen faster than anyone thought possible?

Join Mark Samuel, CEO of IMPAQ, and author of his Amazon Best Selling book, “B STATE,” for his highly interactive and inspiring presentation on a new paradigm for achieving breakthrough results in your business and your life – in Rapid Time! Topics include: Creating a Practical Picture of Success; Aligning and Optimizing Your Team; Creating Your New Reality.


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