BYU Management Society - Orange County Chapter

Understanding and Using Pain and Pleasure (The Great Motivators Behind ALL Actions) by Rick Kettley

October 24, 2018


Ever have someone agree with you (aka buy) only to change their mind after they leave? If you could reverse this, how would that benefit your business, or better yet, your life?
Every decision we make is based upon two simple concepts. Pain and Pleasure. Throughout life we are constantly moving from one “greater” pain to a “lesser” pain and we hope to get to the world of pleasure and luxury. Of the two motivators, the avoidance of pain is most powerful.
So what does this have to do with me? In every conversation someone is selling and someone is buying. Knowing and understanding the motivators behind each person and how they make decisions is critical to reaching your goals and objectives.
This presentation will walk through the power of pain and how to easily discover it when conversing with prospects and clients. It is not until we uncover one’s pain that we can start to discover, create and discuss truly beneficial solutions.
Rich Kettley has extensive experience in teaching business practitioners the psychology of sales and how to implement these concepts into their professional relationships and marketing strategies. With several years spent in retail and corporate sales, he has leveraged that experience in providing large group as well as one-on-one training sessions. Currently Rich works with some of the top reps and teams in the industry.
Rich is a graduate of Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. Growing up in Newport Beach with six sisters and now having four boys and two little girls, Rich describes his life as organized chaos. When he’s not training, marketing and doing personal production, he is involved with several philanthropic groups and loves being active in the outdoors.

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