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The 1893 World’s Fair Columbian Exposition –Featured Speaker: Dyke Huish

December 19, 2018


The World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893, was the last and the greatest of the nineteenth century's World's Fairs. In the simplest of terms, it was one of the most spectacular events in the history of mankind. The fair changed the way the world looked at America, and more importantly how Americans looked at themselves. It was innovative, transformative and the catalyst for an archtictural, economic and creative revolution that is still being felt today. The ethos of the White City are still felt in places such as Disneyland, Main Streets of America, transportation plans, city parks, consumer products, and the architecture of the American home.

More than 28 million people attended the event lasting six months, all traveling by ship or rail to Chicago. If there is one event I could go back in time and see, it would be the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

Over the past twenty years Mr. Huish has served as a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender, Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, and is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. He is a veteran of more than 300 bench and jury trials and has personally handled over 8,000 criminal cases. Thousands of attorneys have paid to attend his seminars on trial tactics, courtroom strategies and jury psychology. He has handled more than $500 million dollars in fraud cases and successfully litigated one of the largest fraud cases in the history of the State of California.

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