BYU Management Society - Orange County Chapter

“Steven Spielberg, Filmmaker” by Matt Ball

April 30, 2018

Matt Ball comes with a foundation of marketing and development in the film industry with an emphasis in special event projects, stage performance, writing, and producing. As one of those in the first wave of employees at Dream Works Studios-before there was an SKG Studios-Matt wore any hat that was necessary to help launch the feature films departmant. Yet his heart was always personally attached to the prospect of having a say-so as to what ultimately got on the screen. Consequently, writing has always been the secret sauce of having a voice that people would want to hear. 

Currently, Matt's responsibilities as Director of Public Affairs (North America West Area) for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints involves developing relationships with opinion leaders from academia, business, government and religion, public or privately maintained. Matt's work ultimately involves building bridges with those people or entities that might help or hinder the LDS Church. His goal is to clarify public positions, demystify folklore or misunderstood doctrine, and to help introduce the Morman phenomenon into positive, mainstream awareness. In his spare time, if you don't find Matt with his family, he might be at the movie theater or on his road bike or mountain bike, cycling for the sheer love of it! Matt has been married for 37 years and is a father of seven children.

Matt will talk about his personal experience with Dream Works Studios and his subsequent interaction with Steven Spielberg. In conjuntion with that, he will connect his personal experience with Steven Spielberg as it compares to the comprehensive analysis that was done in the book, "The Men Who Would Be King".